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PACCF 2020 Online Youth Camp

July 13-24, 2020

The Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation is sponsoring an Online Cultural
Program for American teenagers of Polish descent ages 13-17 in cooperation with the
School of Polish Language and Culture Jagiellonian University.

Participation is open to members of the following Fraternals: First Catholic Slovak
Ladies Association, Polish Falcons of America, Polish National Alliance and Polish Roman
Catholic Union and to student members of a Polish American Congress Division or
National. Membership will be verified prior to your acceptance. Participants will be
selected on a first come first served basis, with preference being given to students who
have not previously participated in a PACCF sponsored Youth Trip. Enrollment is limited
to 100 participants. Even though this is an online Program, a valid U.S. Passport or
Permanent Resident Card is required, due to School regulations.

The program will include 30 hours of Polish language with a placement test
administered to determine students’ knowledge of Polish and classes will be structured
accordingly. 20 hours of virtual sightseeing tours, cooking classes, Polish holiday
traditions, song and dance, games and online quizzes.

The cost of the Camp is $350.00 U.S. per person. Of this cost, participants will pay
$150.00 (nonrefundable) and the PACCF will pay the balance of $200.00 per person.

Applications and Itinerary are available for download on our website If
you have any questions please contact Alina Slomiany (773)763-9942 or Bo Padowski

Mail to: PACCF 6645 N. Oliphant Ave., Suite A, Chicago, IL 60631

For program description and an application please click below
Click here



Since 1981, the PACCF has been conducting a very active "Relief for Poland" program through which over 260 million worth of humanitarian aid was provided to hospitals, orphanages, rehabilitation centers for the physically and mentally disabled, the ill and the needy of Poland. Over the years, the PACCF humanitarian aid has reached over 200 rural hospitals and over 80 homes for disabled children. Each year, the PACCF helps thousands of children and adults throughout Poland.

The PACCF also sponsors two special cardiac centers and has arranged training sessions for doctors and medical staff from Poland. The PACCF Book Program provides thousands of books annually to Poland's medical schools, universities, hospitals and other institutions to provide modern up-to- date literature and reference materials. Between the years 1992 - 1995 the PACCF engaged in a special program to help the disabled and the elderly in homes throughout Poland, and continues a very active program of providing medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and hospital equipment.

During the summer of 1997 as record rains and floods ravaged the Polish countryside, the PACCF sponsored a flood relief program. Through its telethons, radiothons and numerous fund drives conducted across the United States, the PACCF has been able to fund shipments of relief supplies and medicines valued at over $10 million.

The next phase of relief assistance was be that of "Assisting in Reconstruction". The 1998 harvest was lost due to flood. The PACCF worked with institutions and organizations in the health sector, agriculture and in education. The PACCF also donated pharmaceutical drugs, medical supplies and specialized rehabilitation medical equipment to hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers throughout Poland.

Over the years the PACCF has shipped close to 300 million dollars relief programs to Poland. These goods, equipment , medical supplies, food, clothing, books and farming implements were distributed throughout various geographic regions in Poland and included hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers.



The PACCF continues to visit and review organizations which are given donations.
In 2017 Vice-Presidents, Mr. Nowotarski and Mr. Tokarski visited organizations that receive donations and visits yearly, plus new ones that requested assistance. The trip was even longer as one of the new organizations is near Bialystok.


Meeting with directors of Unicorn in Krakow.


Mr. Nowotarski and Mr. Tokarski receive thank you plaques at home for handicapped children in Trzebownisko.

Exercise and Massage room at Home for Handicapped Children in Tarnow.

Mr. Nowotarski and Mr. Tokarski with children.

Mr. Nowotarski enjoys watching games at Home for Handicapped Children.

Mr. Nowotarski inspects van donated to Home for Blind and Deaf Children
in Sobieszewo.


Mr. Nowotarski takes notes during inspection of Fundacja Dzieciom
"Zdazyc z Pomoca" in Warsaw.




For the first time the Youth Trip was organized through Jagiellon University in Krakow.
The program was filled with activities including: 45 hours of language instruction, sightseeing tours of Krakow and the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, trip to Zakopane, sporting activities, dance workshops, and film showings. Click here for magazine from school describing the trip.


Learning the Polish language.


Learning to converse in Polish.


Visit to the Tatry Mountains and Zakopane.


Boating on the Vistula.


Taking a break from classes.





On July 29, 2017 the National Advocates Society & National Medical and Dental Association presented the Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation with the Joseph Jachimczyk Polonia Award. The presentation was made at their convention in Bloomington, IN at a special banquet.

The PACCF was applauded for their continued support of organizations assisting people in need in Poland, as well as supporting people of Polish decent in the United States through scholarships, cultural programs, film projects, and youth trips to Poland.




Blessing of new transport van donated by Mr. Raymond Mayer
and the PACCF.
The van will help the Home for Blind and Deaf Children in
Sobieszewo with getting their charges safely to activities.







The 5th Youth Cultural Trip consisting of 24 children and two adults left for a two week visit on July 5th. This year the trip was organized by a Polish tour group Almatur making the trip even more interesting since a guide was with the group the whole time. The group visited Jasna Gora, Czestochowa, Krakow, Wieliczka, Warszawa, Torun, Znin, Biskupin, Zelazowa Wola, and The children learn about the history and culture of Poland, and were able to do some hands on activities like making pierniki and learning traditional dances. The highlights of the trip for the children were the visits to the Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego, Centrum Nauki Kopernika, a medieval castle, and most notably Auschwitz. On the last day in the Pienniny Mountains a raft cruise on the Dunajec River.


Visiting the Warsaw Uprising Musem.


Admiring the salt sculptures in the mines in Wieliczka.


In front of Pope John Paul II statue.


Learning traditional dances.


Warsaw’s Old Town.


In October of 2014 Vice Presidents, Steve Tokarski and Chris Nowotarski, traveled to Poland for a visit to several organizations the PACCF supports. Traveling over 1,000 miles they visited organizations in Warsaw, Krakow, Rzeszow, Tarnow, and Sobieszewo/Gdansk. They were warmly greeted everywhere they went, with stories of how much the funds received helped the organization in their charitable work. In Sobieszewo/Gdansk, Towarzystwo Opieki Nad Ociemnialymi mentioned that without the donation they received from PACCF they would have had to close. This would have left around 300 people without local assistance, who would have to travel to Warsaw for help.

A visit to Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom i Mlodziezy Niepewnosprawnych lntelektualnie in Tarnow, was of great satisfaction. They continue to do a good job in giving handicapped children a place to thrive and receive care they would not receive otherwise. The same was true of Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom i Mlodziezy Sprawnej Inaczej in Rzeszow/Trzebownisko. Here the mayor came personally to thank the PACCF for the donation made for the school for handicapped children.

Mr. Nowotarski and Mr. Tokarski with the staff and residents of Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom i Mlodziezy Sprawnej Inaczej in Rzeszow/Trzebownisko.

One of the specialized beds purchased with funds from the PACCF,
of which more are greatly needed.

Staff and residents of Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom i Mlodziezy Niepelnosprawnych Intelektualnie during activities.

A specialized wheelchair purchased with funds from the PACCF. The chair helps greatly with mobility.

One of the young residents of Towarzystwo Opieki Nad Ociemnialymi learning
some basic skills.

Mr. Nowotarski discusses plans with the staff at Towarzystwo Opieki Nad Ociemnialymi.



Representing the PACCF, Alina Slomiany visited Towarzystwo Pomocy Gluchoniewidomym, an institute our organization has been supporting for several years. During her meeting with the institute's director Mr. Grzegorz Kozlowski, Alina presented a donation of $5,000.00. The donation will help the institute to continue their multiple activities, which enrich the lives of blind and deaf people. The institute depends on the work of volunteers with whom Alina was able to meet and discuss plans for the future.


Alina Slomiany of PACCF during visit with director Grzegorz Kozlowski, Bozena Wieckowska(center left), and volunteers for Towarzystwo Pomocy Gluchoniewidomym.

During her visit to Poland, Alina Slomiany also met with Artur Kolosinski of Diagnos Sp, a manufacturing firm specializing in medical equipment. The main focus of this meeting was the purchase of an ambulatory respirator for Szpital Specialistyczmy in Sanok located in the Bieszczadzki Region. The hospital covers a wide area and their ambulance up to now did not have a respirator. The PACCF covered the full cost of the much needed respirator.


Artur Kolosinski of Diagnos Sp receives donation for purchase of respirator for
Szpital Specialistyczmy in Sanok, from PACCF representative Alina Slomiany.




For the 4th Annual Youth Cultural Trip a group of 13 children and one adult left for a two week visit on June 19th. As in previous years the Summer Program was funded by PACCF, Wspolnota Polska and the fraternals to which the children belong. Using the Dom Polonii in Pultusk as a homebase, the group visited Jasna Gora in Czestochowa, Krakow, Wieliczka, Warszawa, Torun, as well as smaller villages and nature preserves in the surrounding area of Pultusk. The children learn about the history and culture of Poland, and were able to do some hands on activities like making pierniki. The highlights of the trip for the children were the visits to the Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego and Centrum Nauki Kopernika.


Children from United States and Canada at the Bazylika Kolegiacka from the 16th century during 2011 Youth Trip.


Learning of Polish history, traditions, and architecture in Torun.


Making traditional pierniki


Trying out science experiences during visit to Centrum Nauki Kopernika.







A Meeting with Caritas Polska

Warsaw -- On July 20, 2010, the PACCF delegation visited the headquarters of Caritas Polska, the largest Catholic charity in Poland. PACCF President Virginia Sikora, PACCF Vice Presidents Christopher Nowotarski and Steve Tokarski, and PACCF Director Bo Padowski presented a donation of $10,000 to Caritas for a program called "Backpacks Full of Smiles" or "Turnister pelen Usmiechow." The funds will be used for back-to-school supplies for Polish children who were affected by the recent floods in Poland. Over 5000 backpacks have been filled with supplies -- and with smiles -- so far.



Other programs discussed during the meeting that the PACFF will continue to support in the future include sending aid to children in Poland suffering from childhood diseases. Father Marian Subocz, Director of Caritas Poland, expressed his gratitude to Polish Americans for their generosity and for their continued support of the people of Poland, especially its youngest citizens, whose lives are often the most affected by economic hardships.

A Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Warsaw -- On July 21, 2010, the PACCF delegation visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and met with Undersecretary of State Grazyna Bernatowicz, who is responsible for political matters and policy development within the EU and for North and South America. Present at the meeting were PACCF President Virginia Sikora, PACCF Vice Presidents Christopher Nowotarski and Steve Tokarski, PACCF Director Bo Padowski, and Aleksander Sielicki, President of the Polish Cultural Center in Krasnodar, Russia.



The PACFF and the Polish Women's Alliance of America offered financial support for a joint effort to send Polish children from areas affected by the recent floods to Krasnodar for a summer camp. Undersecretary of State Bernatowicz expressed her thanks for the donation of $8,500 ($6000 from the PACCF and $2500 from PWA) which will underwrite the program. Other possible areas of cooperation between the East and West were discussed as were the efforts of Poles living around the world to bring aid to the flood victims in Poland. The PACCF, along with the PWA and PNA, have donated $23,500 so far and the fundraising continues. The PACCF delegation also met with the Marshal of the Senate Bogdan Borusiewicz.



The first group of young Polish Americans left for Poland on Sunday, July 18, 2010. Here is a group photo taken at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport shortly before departure. The group has arrived safely in Warsaw and will spend the next two weeks traveling across Poland, visiting her cities, exploring her historical treasures, and getting to know her people. The second group leaves for Poland on August 1st. The Summer Program is funded by the PACCF, Wspolnota Polska, and by the fraternals of which the students are members.

Youth Group gathers at O'Hare International Airport on July 18, 2010





In July 2009, PACCF President Virginia Sikora and Director Bo Padowski visited a number of institutions in Poland and presented them with much-needed donations that will be used to the help the blind, deaf, and disabled. The recipients included the Institute for the Blind in Laski, the Polish Alliance for the Blind, the Jakub Falkowski Institute for the Deaf, and an elementary school in Ksiazki.

President PACCF Virginia Sikora presents a donation of $10,360 to Sister Gabriela from Towarzystwo Opieki nad Ociemnialymi in Laski near Warsaw, Poland - July 2009.
At left, Laski Director Murawska (104 years old), at right Bo Padowski, Director, PACCF.

The Director of the Jakub Falkowski Institute accepts a donation of $1,480 from PACCF President Virginia Sikora, Warsaw, Poland, July 2009.

PACCF President Virginia Sikora presents a donation of $2,960 to Polski Zwiazek Niewidomych in Warsaw, Poland, July 2009.

During the July 2009 visit, President Virginia Sikora and Director Bo Padowski also met with representatives from other Polish institutions who have requested aid from PACCF in order to determine their needs firsthand. These included the Institute for the Blind in Sobieszewo, the Society for Aid to the Deaf and Dumb, and the Franciscan Sisters in Warsaw who are building a school for the blind in Rawanda.

Sister Izabela from Towarzystwo Opieki Nad Ociemnialymi shows PACCF President Virginia Sikora the grounds in Sobieszewo near Gdansk in Poland, where they would like to build a rehabilitation center for the blind and disabled. The estimated cost of the project is $3 million Polish zlotych.

PACCF President Virginia Sikora and Bo Padowski, PACCF Director discuss the needs of the deaf and blind with represenatives of TPG (Towarzystwo Pomocy Gluchoniniewidomym) in Warsaw, Poland July 2009.

Virginia Sikora and Bo Padowski admire a sculpture titled "Chrystus Frasobliwy" by Stanislaw Wojtowicz from TPG.

The sculptures made by the blind and the deaf.

Leszek KOCZOT - Madonna z dzieciatkiem

Zdzislaw SOBCZAK - Boleslaw Chrobry

Maria SZELACHOWSKA - Kot w butach





In April 2008 PACCF President Virginia Sikora and PACCF Vice President Christopher Nowotarski met in Poland with President of "Wspolnota Polska" Andrzej Stelmachowski to discuss the planning and development of a new Cultural Learning Program for Students. The pilot program is being organized for summer 2009 with the cooperation and joint efforts of two organizations -- PACCF and "Wspolnota Polska".

PACCF together with Stowarzyszenie Wspolnota Polska organized the first Cultural Learning Program for students held in Pultusk, Poland, this summer. Nineteen children between the ages of 12 and 15 from three organizations participated: Polish Women's Alliance of America, the Polish Falcons, and the Polish Roman Catholic Union. Most of the participants had never visited Poland before and most did not speak Polish. They visited Warsaw, Krakow, Oswiecim, Wieliczka, Torun, and Jasna Gora in Czestochowa. It was an exciting learning experience for the participants, who learned a lot about the history, culture, and traditions of the land of their ancestors.


Students at Wawel in Krakow

Shopping time in Sukiennice, Krakow

Making friends

Pizza time in Pultusk

Good bye time



PACCF President Virginia Sikora and PACCF Director Bo Padowski met with President of Stowarzyszenie Wspolnota Polska, Marszalek Maciej Plaszynski, to discuss and evaluate this summer's pilot program for students in Poland.

During the meeting, President Sikora stressed the importance of continuing to offer such educational and cultural programs in the future to Polish American teens living in the United States.

PACCF President Virginia Sikora with Marszalek Senatu Bogdan Borusewicz

From left Krzysztof Lachmanski, President Wspolnota Polska Pultusk branch, Virginia Sikora, PACCF President, Bogdan Borusiewicz, Marszalek Senatu and Bo Padowski, PACCF Director.

From right PACCF President Virginia Sikora , President Stowarzyszenia Wspolnota Polska Marszalek Maciej Plaszynski, PACCF Director Bo Padowski and President Wspolnota Polska Pultusk Branch Krzysztof Lachmanski.




THANKS TO OVER 30 YEARS OF LOYAL SUPPORT from individuals, organizations and businesses we have as of the end of 2010 sent close to $260 million in support to Poland. This includes not only monetary donations but also shipments medical supplies totaling over 1100 forty (40) foot marine containers, plus shipments via LOT Polish Airlines, and through parcel shippers such as DOMA.





Today, PACCF continues to help hospitals, orphanages and rehabilitation centers in Poland.


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