Christopher T. Nowotarski
Current President

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The Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation, Inc. (PACCF) established as a Not- for-Profit Corporation under the State of Illinois on July 13, 1971. The incorporators and first Board of Directors of the PACCF were: Aloysius A. Mazewski, Valentine Janicki, Adele Lagodzinski, Kazimierz Lukomski, and Joseph L. Osajda. The PACCF is a 501 (c)(3) Internal Revenue Code tax exempt organization.

The PACCF was established for the purpose of assisting the Polish American community for religious, charitable, scientific, cultural and educational activities.

The PACCF also provides medical supplies and equipment to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, orphanages, and senior centers in Poland and sponsors program of learning to American students in Poland.

Over 260 million of dollars of charitable assistance have been donated by the PACCF through the end of year 2016.

From whom does this money come? The money comes from generous individuals, Polish American Congress State Divisions, fraternal organizations, and from federal employees and military services through the Independent Charities of America and Confined Federal Campaign. If you want to donate please click here for donation form and after completing send it with your donation to:


There have been four (4) presidents of the PACCF under whose leadership charitable efforts have expanded: Aloysius A. Mazewski (1971-1988) Edward J. Moskal (1988-2005), Virginia Sikora (2005-2017) and Christopher T. Nowotarski (2018-Present).


Past Presidents
Aloysius A. Mazewski
Edward J. Moskal
(1971 - 1988)
(1988 - 2005)

(2005 - 2017)

Present Officers
Christopher T. Nowotarski
(2018 - Present)


Christopher T. Nowotarski - President: Chicago, Illinois, Attorney at Law with Stone Pogrund & Korey.

Steve H. Tokarski - Vice-President: Crown Point, Indiana; Attorney at Law; President Polish American Congress, Indiana Division.

Antoinette Trela - Vice-President/Treasurer: Mt. Prospect, Illinois; President of Anawim Shelter for the Homeless.

Bo Padowski - Secretary: Des Plaines, Illinois

Pamela Komorowski - Director

Timothy Kuzma - Director: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: President and CEO of Polish Falcons.

Deborah M. Majka - Director: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Wanda Penar - Director: Niles, Illinois; National Director PAC, Director Gen. Wladyslaw Anders Polish School; Polish Schools Coordinator from Polish National Alliance.

Martin Wachna - Director: National Director PAC

Goal I - Provide needed medical supplies and equipment

Goal II - Aid for Disabled

Goal III - Diagnostic equipment for rehabilitation

Goal IV - Life saving surgery for infants and children

Goal V - Cultural and educational programs

Goal VI - Scholarship programs

Goal VII - Cultural student exchange programs

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